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Grimm originally premiered just before Halloween in 2011 -– just one of a few different "fairy tales, but in the real world!" concepts that released around the same time. Differentiating itself from contemporaries like Once Upon a Time, Grimm took its fairy tale premise and applied it to the police procedural formula. This led to some wild storylines that may have stumbled a bit in the early seasons, but definitely found its footing and made for some entertaining television over time.

Grimm put together a strong cast of central characters and eventually unfolded some impressive backstories and lore across its six seasons on the air. Since it generally followed a "monster-of-the-week" formula, it needed the main ensemble to be strong and draw people in week after week. Here is where you can find much of the cast of Grimm today and what other projects they've been working on since the series came to a close in 2017.

David Giuntoli - Nick Burkhardt

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Detective Nick Burkhardt, played by David Guintoli, is the central pivot between the natural world and the supernatural creatures known as Wesen. Nick eventually learns that he is descended from a line of hunters, called Grimms, who are tasked with keeping humanity safe from evil creatures.

Giuntoli had already started gaining some traction in movies and television prior to being cast in Grimm, as he had guest appearances on a number of popular series, but the show solidified his status as a leading man. Near the end of the series' run, Giuntoli landed a small role in the John Krasinski-led film 13 Hours and starred in the comedy Buddymoon. Almost immediately after Grimm concluded, Giuntoli moved into another starring role: you can catch him as Eddie on the ABC series A Million Little Things.

Giuntoli has also dabbled a bit in voice acting. Recently, he voiced Bruce Wayne in the DC animated feature Batman: Soul of the Dragon.

Russell Hornsby - Hank Griffin

Detective Nick Burkhardt got into more than his fair share of scrapes that he couldn't handle on his own, and that's where his partner, Detective Hank Griffin, came in. Even without having the powers of a Grimm, Griffin more than held his own battling evil alongside Burkhardt, whether it was supernatural or not.

Detective Griffin was played on Grimm by Russell Hornsby, who had already made a name for himself on several television series prior to Grimm's release. Hornsby had recurring roles on Haunted, Playmakers, Gideon's Crossing, Lincoln Heights and more before signing on with the series. His career has continued its upward trajectory since Grimm ended. On the film front, Hornsby has appeared in several high-profile movies. He played Buddy Marcelle in Creed II, Mav Carter in The Hate U Give and Lyons in Fences.

Hornsby also continues to work in television. Though he's had a few recurring roles since Grimm finished its run, his most recognizable one came as the title character in another crime drama: Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector.

Silas Weir Mitchell - Monroe

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Appearing in the very first episode, Monroe is the proof that not all Wesen on Grimm are evil. Despite his frightening abilities as a werewolf-like creature called a blutbad, Monroe proves to be a heroic figure throughout Grimm's run –- he is loyal to his friends like Detective Burkhardt and courageous when protecting his loved ones.

Monroe is played by actor Silas Weir Mitchell, and he serves as a source of much of the information the characters (and the audience) learn about the Wesen world. Mitchell has proven to be an extremely versatile actor, though he rarely gets the chance to shine in leading roles. Prior to Grimm, he was mostly known for comedies like Rat Race and The Whole Ten Yards, but he showed range with more dramatic roles in Prison Break and Flags of Our Fathers.

After Grimm ended, Mitchell landed another prominent ensemble role on the series Paradise Lost,which only lasted for a single season. Mitchell also had a lead role in the film The Amendment in 2018.

Sasha Roiz - Captain Sean Renard

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Nick's superior officer, Captain Sean Renard, is involved in a lot of the central mysteries in Grimm's early seasons. Played by Sasha Roiz, it's hard to pin down whose side Renard is on, especially as we begin to learn more about his past. He's a complicated character, and Roiz brings more than enough charisma to the role to make him one of the show's most fascinating stories.

Roiz has made the rounds in film and television, with guest appearances on dozens of series before, during and after Grimm's run. He had a brief run in major film releases in the mid-2000s, appearing in Assault on Precinct 13, The Day After Tomorrow, Land of the Dead and more. However, most of his post-Grimm work has come on the small screen.

Roiz had a recurring role on the series Suits, playing Thomas Kessler in a handful of episodes. He also had a recurring role on the Peaco*ck series Departure. He's done a few other guest spots, and also dipped a toe into voice work: he plays Hal Jordan in Superman: Red Son.

Reggie Lee - Sergeant Wu

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Sergeant Drew Wu goes on quite the journey throughout Grimm's run. He begins almost solely as comic relief, oblivious to what's really going on around him as he assists Detectives Burkhardt and Griffin. Even after learning the truth about Nick and his battles against the Wesen, Wu proves to be an important ally for our heroes.

Actor Reggie Lee had appeared in a number of small roles prior to being cast in Grimm. He had guest roles on dozens of series, and also had background or extremely minor roles in a few major films. He played a Gotham City police officer in The Dark Knight Rises and also appeared in the second and third Pirates of the Caribbean films.

After Grimm came to a close, Lee returned to mostly guest roles: you may have caught him on Fresh Off the Boat, Brooklyn Nine-Nine or The Fugitive. Recently Lee landed a recurring role on the series All Rise, where he plays Thomas Choi.

Elizabeth Tulloch - Juliette Silverton

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Juliette Silverton begins Grimm as a fairly one dimensional character. As the series continues and starts to find a stronger narrative voice, Juliette is given a much more distinct role than just "Nick's girlfriend." Nick's role as a Grimm constantly puts Juliette in danger, and she is eventually killed. However, she is resurrected as Eve, a deadly assassin with no distinct memory of her previous life. It's a complex role to play, and actress Elizabeth "Bitsie" Tulloch does a great job of capturing the different facets of the character(s).

Tulloch had a few recurring television roles prior to joining the cast of Grimm, but nothing major. However, she did appear in some major films, including roles in 2008's Lakeview Terrace, 2011's The Artist and 2015's Concussion.

Since Grimm came to a close, Tulloch has really only played one role, but it's been a big one. She plays Lois Lane in the Arrowverse, appearing in multiple series across the "Elseworlds" and "Crisis on Infinite Earths" storylines. Playing the character finally led her to a starring role on the Superman and Lois series.

Bree Turner - Rosalee Calvert

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Along with Monroe, Rosalee Calvert is the Wesen we spend the most time with in Grimm. Played by Bree Turner, Rosalee is what's known as a fuchsbau -– similar to a werewolf, but transforming more into a fox than a wolf creature. Rosalee and Monroe eventually become an item, driving much of the tension in later seasons of Grimm (as inter-species relationships are often frowned upon in the Wesen world), but they persevere. By the end of the series run, the couple even have children together.

Turner is mostly known for appearing in comedies. Her very first film role came in the 1996 movie Dunston Checks In, which you may remember as "the one with the monkey in the hotel." Other early performances include The Wedding Planner, Joe Dirt, The Ugly Truth and American Pie 2.

Since Grimm concluded, Turner has appeared in a few short and indie films, including a starring role in Glass Houses. She also had a two episode run on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and appeared in a few episodes of the Zoom-based comedy series Quarantine.

Claire Coffee - Adalind Schade

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Adalind Schade goes through a lot of transformation across the six seasons of Grimm. She begins as a powerful Wesen called a Hexenbiest before becoming a normal human in the first season. She transforms back and forth a few different times over the show's run, but one thing that's never in question is Adalind's skill with potions. Many of the problems — and solutions — on Grimm come from Adalind's work.

Actress Claire Coffee played the role of Adalind across all six seasons of Grimm. Coffee began acting on stage at a very young age, and started appearing in film and television after her twentieth birthday. Her first major role came on daytime television, where she played Nadine Crowell on General Hospital. She also had a recurring role on Franklin & Bash and several guest spots before Grimm.

After Grimm ended, Coffee has appeared in a few short films and TV movies, but television is where you've probably caught her. She had a recurring role on S.W.A.T. as Kira, and also joined Grimm-alum Russell Hornsby on Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector.

Alexis Denisof - Prince Viktor Beckendorf

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Although he only appeared in seventeen episodes of Grimm, Prince Viktor Albert Wilhelm George Beckendorf is one of the most memorable antagonists from the series. Not only is Viktor an incredibly powerful royal figure, he is also incredibly ruthless and calculating. He always has schemes within schemes, and is regularly conspiring, lying, and backstabbing to further his own aspirations.

Prince Viktor has to be equal parts charming and sinister, and veteran actor Alexis Denisof slides into the role perfectly. Denisof was a great add to the cast – he was already known for his role as Wesley Wyndam-Pryce on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel when he joined Grimm. He also played Sandy Rivers on How I Met Your Mother and had a minor role in The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy as The Other.

Denisof has continued to land recurring television roles since his time on Grimm. He played David Wilson on the series Finding Carter, Glenn on I Love Bekka & Lucy, Adam Marsters on The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Rupert Vardemus on Legacies.

What The Cast Of Grimm Is Doing Today - Looper (2024)
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