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The Plain Dealeri

Cleveland, Ohio

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Extracted Article Text (OCR)

SUNDAY MARCH 26 1922 SALESMAN traveling who has time to spare from his main line to devote to selling an other that will earn consid rable extra money for him manufacture greeting cards that sell to stationers druggists and department ster references and details regarding self de sired with application Gartner A Bender 1104 Wabash ar Chicago fcXCLUSrV'E or side line salesmen to sail business stimulator on the market also crock ery enamelware aluminumwar etc: small towns commissions paid weekly old estab lished house referencp Bradstreet or Dun EAGLE SUPPLY CO St IjQuu Mo $20 a day displaying Thomas duplex coats one side stylish topcoat other storm pnnf raincoat two coats for pre of one you simpD wear coat and book orders we deliver and collect sample coat free Thomas Mfg Go Section 2609 Dayton SALESMEN Side line men making small towns new idea no tale no collection no samples tn carry $5 commission paid on each trial order taken state line carried and territory covered Keeney Sons Co 700 40th st Chicago SALESMEN find distributers sell self locking ac celerator to dealers car owners locks on down ward stroke: can be used as foot retails1325 big commission Simplex Sales Co 224 Hahied Chicago pECfALTY Must hare intelli gence and personality definite guarantee with opportunity to earn at lit $250 rr month full or spare time: no capital nr experience re quired UNIVERSAL Hui CAR owner representative $123 weekly deraon stramg guaranteed pneumatic puncture sealing inner tubes inexpensive enormous profits fre flfunple A Wenstone Co 3 5 Indiana av Chicago SALESMEN 4 with specialty experience: exclu sive copyrighted motion picture proposition ca pable earning $7500 vcarly write tor territory American Co 126 Green Chicago hltRrBVfi5il3 wimtM: new automobile device of proven merit supplies a real need every motorist bnv: quick sales bta profits Turn nva Co Medlnah Bldg Chicago AlESM Hardware furniture trade India caeca mate beat quality no samples necessary liberal commission mention territory particu lars Adler Co 160 5th ar New York Ma live patented auto accessories oil gauge windshield cleaner hose clamp etc no in vestment big commissions Address Sabta Mgr 233 Satlon Omaha Neb to rnaraii teed cord and fabric tires direct from factory a price? GnODTtOGK TIRE CO 1100 Michigan ar Chicago Ill f5AYJ wanted fir splendid new article sell ing to cigar tobacco and smokers article trade references required Monopole Products Co 451 Belden rv Chicago flVE SALESMEN can earn big money selling cur popular price line men's clothing direct tu consumer territory open Write for informa tion TTai iger Martln Co Grand Ra plda Mich SALESMEN on commission to sell an up to date nationally known news picture sendee for window attraction Dispatch Newt? Service 258 28th st New York city £ic MONEY selling Delta replacement parts lor ord cars to dealers attrac commission carry nn sample give exper Delta Products Krreg Bldg Detroit ING for district manager to also ap plnt men big money maker seller draw ing account to producers National Products Co Union Bldg Cleveland tE line meru sell claw souvenir to banks merchants manufacturers $375 to $4375 commission on every order Lak es I le Bl dg Chicago To carry a side line a felt bar floor covering of exceptional merit liberal commission" Superior Carpet Mills 242 'hostnut st Philadelphia Pa A NT Salesman to establish dealers for Cloverloaf curd and heavy duty fabric tiros hustlers should make $500 month Paul Rub ber Company Salisbury 6 acressnrv get into accessory business to day $12 daily easy I show you how capital or experience unnecessary sample free Excl 1065 Holhwood Chicago AGGRESSIVE firtd reprerentatire wanted should nt $10000 yearly choice of territory week ly advances Merchants School of Adv 301 22 Quincy st Chicago LEHMAN No experience ran secure wireless phone agency earning $20 daily: entirely new to everybody $2350 4SG Bway 1 Ex peri brush salesmen to call on stores factories schools etc 100 profit Putnam Brush Co 0 15 3d st Cincin nati SALESMEN New idea In advertising iMd pen larger commission Write Coffman Pencil Co office 518 Mullin Blag Cedar a MA To carry side line of popular priced nightgown on commission basis Radinsky Ac Go 5)5 Broadway New York: aLEoMAN with rig to visit schools $150 ssL ary and liberal commission Evans Co 7 Harrison Chicago Calling on drug to aell labels In flat and roll form SlaA Co Hamilton At Thom Hill school whit'a cars for boss who are wards of the juvenile court ot Allegheny county Pennsylvania married couph's preferably without dependent children to take charge of cottages in which about twenty ot these boys live and to care for and train them for good citizenship compensation $75 to per month for the couple with furnished qna U'ib f'od fuel and lights thus relieving them from any outlay for rent food fuel and light ing and all other items of household expense only people of reputable character and inter ested in helping hoys desired send three let ters of reference with answer Address Supt 3hcrn Hjll School Warrendale Ba tv AN 1 Increased business in an organization doing high grade lithographing makes an open ing for a lithograph transferor for alone or sine sph'ndid opportunity tor man who appre ciates pleasant surroundings ami chance for ad vancement apply in writing stating age ex perience whether union or non union and rate Box 23347 I 'lain Dealer SflfiN There's big money in if you are trained proijerly hi yearly is being spent in the electrical industry you ran earn $3500 to $50o0 per sear and more we can prepare you in your home the same as in practice nr in a residence school: the lowest priced efficient home training course in America individual instruction by an electri cal' engineer fine working outfit free also free employment service scud imme diately for valuable booklet and special oiler Dept 139 World Technical Institute ersey City AUTO MECHANICS NJTlHD If you want a good paying job that will last 12 months in a year become an auto mechanic our employment dept has calls every week tor trained auto mechanics we give a thorough auto mechanics' course in either a day or night class a new class starts this week special rite to ex service men get started this week come in and enroll right away Cleveland Tech A 2200 Chester WEi dIngIoW pTyTtooiSi i i Did you ever think about becoming a welder this Is a flna trade and there i a demand for skilled men we can train you in either a day or night rias start this week special rates to ex service men OLE VLAND TECH A 2209 Chester I'l Jl a man who can furnish A references and devote Ids entire time who is capable ot han dling a good territory In New York and sUvania and Is not afraid of hard work we have an exceptional opportunity selling' quality seeds if you are unable to work on a commission basts do not answer ths: wc want live wires only Wing Seed Co Mechan Icsburg Ohio wanting positions in lorida write Em ploynient Box 2533 Tampa ITa Employment Biirenus (MhIc) DIRECTOR of sales college trained min of high cillber supervise sales and advertising of group nt industrial plants to $100lX) at st axt LUMBER SALESMAN acqualntM with local contractors and factory trade $150 up Listed securities $150 mo Mattr ss balding line expd dept store and furniture trade salary and comm PAINT New York city jobbing trade salarv and commission OICE SPECIALTY SALESMAN mfg co $2 SoO bomw and expenses I NTH ST AT EXC I TA NG fi58 Bose BMg AmiTOR TENOQ Spanish and Kng corresp $200 AROmTECTVRAb DESIGNER school honsa experience $250 rOOKKEHI'ER and COST MAN later office manager $150 CORRESPONDENT $150 STENCH' later salesman $100 tlTI HT for billing $75 TVNIOR STENOGRAPHER $90 OICE BOY not over 1(1 $45 THE BEUJAI INGAULS CO 831 Guardian Bldg Nj advance fees 'gRTARY 'h amber of Vmmcrve i2lJpcn INSTRUCTION Supt fam school CONSTRUCTION Supt fam gen bldg 3du AbT Mgr larg dept more ACCOUNTANT crodit exper 'fST Acct thoroughly experienced 36M' MECHANICAL Engineer refrigeration 5 hALESMBN rubber tires 24t ELECTRICIAN Lr mine in south STENOGRAPHER fam with Spanish 21 GO several xxl open 15 JU 'LET LA ND VO( 'AT I A 1309 Euclid av Cowell Hubbard Bldg POSITIONS DOORKEEPER and CREDIT MAN eferahly with exp In mchv cr lidwc bus $150 to etan STEM? for secretarial pcs with aak $125 BKPRand 'MT' ICT crEliK mfa firm $1) TYPIST expd on billing and orders CONSOLIDATED AG ENCI ES irHio Hippodrome Bldg fJitE STi'fiY Txpd': iiKtaTcut ina: $151 no DETAILER ante body work: $125 mo INTERSTATE EXCHANGE iVib hese Bldg I lP AVTEIlA EESJI SME'IAN 'anti with 1'cnl car to demonstrate and sll dir" to 'crd owners a patented ap pliance at $27 50 which eliminates the three sonnes of troiibl' of the ont ignition oiling and cooling: nothing like it in the entire ord field shipments t' 1 to talesmen commission has demonstrated big profits tor hustler write for particulars Hexagon claltv Mmfg Co 3G3O Grand ar bt Louis Mo nTiTil GRADE ALMAN WANTED wholesale distributor for last selling line to the retail trade guaranteed goals and exrhise territory $250 per mouth for man with average sales ability with aubatantial increase as busi ness develops must have car and give personal bond write and give full information about vourself in first letter Walter I1 Kenney 1'avette Ohio JI El I WANTED bAllISME Men of ability xvith ambi tion to become independent can fix their income and be their own boss the business is pleasant and profitable and belongs to you just one requirement can you man age yourself? Will you be as fair to yourself as to a boss? Our proposition will interest only sucli men Call at 1221 Guardian Bldg for personal interview Ask for Mr Aliller THE Gerlach Barklow Co Joliet BL recognized leaders in art cah ndar ailvertixiug direct by mail campaigns holiday greeting cards etc has unusual opening in Ohio territory hir high class salesman with advertising inclination ex perieue in our line unnecessary but niitft hare successful sales record exclusive territory upon commission contract with veekly ckikuisp ad vance Write fully at once tor personal in terview ADVERTISING AND or salesmen who are capable of making pcx year we hate an interesting proposition mr lull time producers are doing better thmi this a Iling advenwing gummed tape Agcrebsive ro oi'cration exclusive territory and lull protection formen of ability and energy AD LEE COMPANY 79 Michigan Chicago TRAVELING SALESMAN to cany as side line hurh grade overalls and work shirts sampExs raMly carried staple merchandise well known brand repeat orders crediti to salesman large volume ot business developed will bring a con stant income while you are working for addi tional business references and details rogard iug self required with application Render Overall Co 501 Water st Milwaukee Wis SALESMEN Calling on banks real estate firmscorpt rations and lawyers to sell only as side Tine high grade well known line of Red Rope filing mailing and advertising envelope and wallets must atate territory and experience good commission Keystone Envelope Company station Philadelphia Pa EVERYBODY eaTS EVERY DAY Ton can handle augar Hour canned goods dried fruit and entire line ol groceries as well as painu rooting aluminum ware and automo bile oils with no ront to pay no money in vested take large orders from ampies goods are nnranteed and proven quality selling ex perience not necessary cadv proftabD work for Address Hitchco*ck Hill Co Dept: in? Chicago 111 Reference: Auv bank or exprors co RE1TIESEN TAT1VE OR OHIO To introduce the new principle ehakeproof lock washer must be familiar with the jobbing and manufacturing trade this is a hig job ior a big man liberal commission contract give ref erences Shakeproof (Screw A Nut Lock Co sOl Wrigley Bldg Chicago WE haT a client who desires a resident repront Rtive Cleveland and ricinitr man with sales experience in specialty lines big cmn nnauons on a fast and well known line vf paper novelties references and perienee in detail in application letter rank Lenhvff Advertising Agency dui alti more Idg Chicago I SALESMAN To call on representative and pro fessional men schools and libraries west ern Pennsylvania Virginia and West Virginia mail of fpod address over 30 witii to handle high chos work: aaUry or commission permanent position to producer 121 ulton I Pittsburg Pa XLE'rM KN 1 St popular price fire cxtlrguisher ever made retail $5 others cost $15: every heme oitico or tactcry can be sold ries fid 12000 in Dayton Tick clean irg up In De troit week a cinch: no capital no ex perience territory gob Write Thurston 1 Hatt st Dayton SALESMEN 'Women' children' bloomers and pajamas: ccminifslon baris pide line prompt shipments protected territory all grades dn roeds women's wear trores giata territory and references parrm nt CO 29 22d st New ork I ATTEST sidling article on the market bcane of gjvcrnment ruling repeater connection with future for those who qnahfy: ambitious salea men make upward of dav every co operation extended rrictlv confidential pres Dearborn st Chicago SPECIALTY' SALESPEOPLE Agents wanted everywhere sell high grad sirl Un house and auto mops dusters: something new lariro commission stat territory complete sample $3 Write Products Corp Railroad lace Newark GOODYEAR MR 'I'J'II Gondyrar Bl Kansas City Mo haa opening tor salesman to take orders for tailored to measiire rainproofed alt weather coats: no txpormncp tmeded big cmnmiiisiona io advance: we deliver and collect complete outfit and sales instructions free WANTED A live salesman or broker with ex perience in Made in thu 'r litorv to sell well advertised soft drink fran chiic: wa back you with strong advertising campaign Wri'e Orange Smash Co Box 570: Birmingham Ala SALTHMEN Carry our line of high grad ad vertising pencils every hnsireaa a potential customer pricey lower quality higher enm mfcwion more liberal than any on the market Write fnr information Pencil Co Ixnus villc Ky Live experienced Rslamen this city tn sell lot at Muscle Shoals Ala near gov ernment plant commission only big money to right man give references UnUton Realty Co 417 Cumberland at Bristol Va EVIDENT salesman for 'Dvelind and rin Wntw tn handle popular priced lino of middle" aiin as sd lino excellent line for a rod salman THE PRINT Esq GARMENT CO 312 4th Cincinnati HENO HIINE cleaner polUh captivating auto world houvh' Id free aarnr le lib eral permanent connection 20GPf I' tx'ir Renovating Materials Co 4M5 Common wealth Detroit Mich SALESMAN It you can produce results with se iocSM sanitary product we wm Kbe exclusive test'd 'oratory and establish office state experi ence fully Ideal Corp 417 9th avt Now York EX PERI EN saleNmcri EustlerB guaranteed low priced tiros eoM rash bars goo! com missiuns territory fxmg Distance Tire ('o 227 Main st ort Wayne Ind SA LEGMEN A splendid side line easy to carry paving liberal commbslnns aelling advertising pencils every concern a prospect Write Advertising Pencil Co Davenport la JJVA VI I I A NT 9 AG $60 $200 week free sample gold sign letters anyone can put on store winVvnr big demand: liberal offitr to general agents Mtallic Ix ttcr Co 435 Clark Chicago MAKE $3OJ to $500 per month dKtributing Speedohne easy permanent work exclusive ter ritory automobile free write for particulars Sppedolirie Co Dept 79 1 'alias Texas BIG businesses are being built by exclusive rp Belling our household preparations and toilet specialties help given write quick Colonial Chemical Co Pituburg OPERATE bu unct of von? own no experience necessary WHEAT new confection free samples Atlas Crisp Machine Go Sis 8 Albany av Chicago New parontM curtain rod neewity in "every horn big 4 to 10 sales at every house: write for free sample Home Curtain Rod Co iTcridencA It I UNUSUAL businew nn'ortunKy lr7n trfifia It up 1da1 automobile specialties something worth while profitable lasting Newman Mfg Co Sterling st Rochester EVERYBufi'i uses extracts sel Duo Youble Strength Extracts comilete line household ne cessity3 big repeaters write today Duo CoDppt 18 Attica A BUSINESS of your own make "sparkling glaoa flame plates number checkerboards medal lione signs big illustrated book mailed free Palmer 143 Wooster AGENTS make profltandHng auto mono grams new pictures window letters transfer flag novelty signs catalog free Hinton Co 122 fog City Ind AGENTS Make money selling sprayers and auto washers: profits $3 each many practical uaee experience unnecessary square deal free sam ple proposition Auto Waaher Corp Johns town Make $60 to $100 weekly sell 1O1 combination shopping bags groatext money maker out are manufacturers Goldsmith Dio Mells Chicago GAS 11 RE in any cook from coal oil new Belling plan: no investment experisnee un nary get big offer Mfg Co pt 28 Columbus Get In right Ml auto acce ory and mal county (liHtributors wanted Buffalo two fifty real money state Georgpr Mfg Uo Ill work for others? Maae and sell your wn goods we show you how free book explainsyrylhiig National Scientific laboratories BA5 Mam Rknmond Va Rl LBER BELlb Demonstration Bella every man priced so you undersell stores make $50 £bi weekly sample free to workers Mathiaa Dearborn Chicago EARN $25 $50 weekly selling guarantee hosiery for men women children we deliver and col Itonlen Min 721 City Hall Station 5 A EN a ke mmiAy Cut rocket Pencil Sharpnr vl on sight full particulars free Earl 56 Gulph Chicago WO IK lii'UI seller to Victor bla prnfltT territory Oien fnmiril references conuniiviton bis Kruramack Studios 5'Jl fJRth st JONHS deared $f'O list week with our new of a every gro buys send for free esmple Nichols Co Nernille Ill UE STAH1 you without a dollar soaps eitracts toilet Koods experience Carnation Co Dept 291 St LouD 1NC1E SE your pro its selling soap perfumta extracts etc as sale line Dept 1142 St louis Jlo INCH display advertisem*nt 1G1 majrarines thrice $13 Popular Services Atlantic City agents AGENTS ree offer combination brush set and fiber broom consists of live parts has 10 different uses guaranteed for two years' wear and costs less than three corn broolua it sweeps washes and dries windows scrubs and mops floors and docs 5 other things easy seller because it is practical and fits the needs of the times ovi iuv profit write for our free trial ofb Harper Brush Works Dept 27 air tielil Iowa ree trial otter Harper's combination brush set and fiber broom consists of five parts has 10 different uses guaranteed for two yearn' wear and costa less than three corn brooms it sweeps washes and dries windows Mtuba and mops floors ard does 5 other things easy seller because it is praitical and tlti the needs of the times over 100 pioilt write for our free trial offer Harp Brush Works Dept 27 airfield Iowa AGENTS Best seller Jem Kubber Tlepair tor tires and tubes supersedes vulcanization at a saving of over 8M put It on cold it vul canizes itself in two minutes and is guaran teed to last the life cf tlic tire or tube sells to every auto owner and accessory dealer or particulars liow to make big money anil tree samples address Amazon Kubber Co phia l'a Dept 10 People Must Eat Every Day big profits selling food feppclalties not sold In stiui your iamu on package builds your own filial txthisive territory make rejeat orders fc ire sales guaranteed yon return unsold goods don't answer unites willing to canvass Adam lut Htnd 5GQ Congnss Ht' Chicago your $10 a day with Blue Rib bon cutlery sou razor steel blades sMid alumi num handles beautiful display r61l catches housewife's eyes you sell we deliver and col lect commissions daily Clarke made 13 sales first five hours eend for sample do likewise no capital Write 1'arker Mfg Co G'y Cut at Dayton MEN wanted io sliver mirrors plate and refinish metalware autoa chandeliers headlights in dependence assured steady workers $10 daily tay without capital or experience outfits fur nished: write for information John Dtcie Laboratories 286 5th ax New York I'ERC'HAT'Ht newest pipo on market simple and common appeals to every smoker: absolutely guarantix'd to be and $15 a day easy Introducing it to your friend and business associates Per colator Piiw Co Inc 1931 Broadway New York Suite 1576 WAN'l El 1 listributor tor Automotive Spvelal ties mcludirg article thit will stop oil pump ing and piston slap In motors with roboring rxlttshe territory commissions: splendid opportunity for unto mechanic or man with some mechanical knowledge Address A Traver lido Mailers Bldg Chicago TI MKS ihCH ih must eat ederal distributors make big profits £300 early and up no capital or expe rience needed: guaranteed sales unsold goods cau lie ietuirif'd: your name on prMucta builds your own business repent orders sure exclusive ter ritory rite ed ral Pure ood Co Chicago AGLNIb day steady pay newest styln writ ten guarantee hosiery no competition not sold in stores complete line including silks you simply display sampl5 and write orders vour liy in advance daily we deliver and collect experience unnecessary spare time sat Jennings Mfg Co Trial 1 4G Dayton NEA wonderful proposition for ag7ut ew credit pkn: unlimited busing without capital even' woman wants rmvly invented S3 cixikmg com bination great leader: big profits quick rience Wilson Utensil Co 453 Bj3d Payton Boxer's wonderful beauty creams lace powders etr make $1 to $3 every hour: women wonderfully success fup free sarrpl outfit tr won rors wA trust your Hover International Co RT Clark' Chi cago $60 To $1(X) A WEEK EASY No nectary giry out samples "MAK'EM washing tablets and ac cept big profitable business day after day: no limit to earnings fro? dimples Ridgely Prod ucf Co 571 Vnmta go a Chicago the best line of food fiavoro perl tunes sea toilet preparations etc pvpf oil cred no capital op xled complete 1 outfits furnished free to workers writ1 today frr full 1 artienlars American Products Co 56on American Bldg Cincinnati $2 PER HOUR Mtn women Davis milk server for canned milk elegant silver creamer adver Usod demonstrated stores Ch to land Marshall ield's Chicago: Manamaker's New York $L5o retail Wnto'Davis Can Server Corp Achta bula NEW easy big money maker sensancual in vention incroasre antemohilo headlight range without glares no competition large indrp md ent inronv awmred territory going fast Multf Ray Deflecror gaJes pt 22H Toledo 3LKE GAS in any ttove or range Infant Gav cooks with air plus 6 kcroaene rocent big cut in pne of oil makes this a great money saror agents coining money: write for agenev and best Irgh coal pnees International Hearing Dept A 4552 Broadway Iznns Mo AGENT $90 to $ISU weeklv paid daily intro ducing Two in tine reversible ramcoat one aide storm coat other cl rm coat yubt write orders we deliver and collect write ior terms 0: tree sample: low prices big conuuuwion Mac Uhee Milla Co Coat 1275 incinuati AGENTS Bg money taking orders sdta "pants blankets raincoats direct woofim mill ro water values: Donahue made $us first week Pnvcci maxes $2X) weekly outfit troe Taylor Wells Co 273b I Paulina Chicago EERY Dar eay in spare timej I we share profits with you booth pell Weather raincoats ask about I No 099 get ample ramcoat I free Asrociatfxi Raincoat Agents Inc Well Chicago 1 WE STAPP in business fumUhlng rrory 1 thing men and women opportunity of hfrime to eam $30 to $1OO weekly operating cur "New I bystem Special anywluT1 I wokh't froe HiUyej Ragsdale Drawer 'Jl I East Orange AGENT'S $35o an hour nailing our guaranteed ht rtiery just its nect biury as the bread you eat wvrybcMly must buy sell that's where the big prefita are no experience or capi tal req iired aamph free Thomas Mfg Co 1243 Thomas Bldg 1 ayton AGEN'I Newest guaranteed aluminum cooking combination Instant eGDr every home big money saver $12 day easy we deliver and col lect pay you In advance exprienco unner sary swre time Mthfacrory Jennings Mfg Co Alum Payton dandy ironing board rover tils any board erorv houo a sale immense profile Mcxre sold 43 one day exclusive territory act quick ChurchlU Lippincott Co Manufacturers 4223 41 Chicago AGENTS $5 to $15 day cay experience un necessary 3 in 1 leatheret shodrg bag sell ing like wildfire every lady wants one Wilsonkla wires ship 3 gross sample free Kallen Mfg Co Dept 4153 Baltimore Bldg Chicago fGENTS a dav: show' new pateintrtj alumi num handled cutlery set and write order? 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Doubloweur In side Tiros Dept 155 71G Madison 1U Easy quick sales $60 to $100 weekly valuable iree premium to every customer you write orders: we deliver and collect coinnns sions daily: no capital or experieue wnudtTui new solid aluinlmun handle big cutlery set sells jteelf best year round proposition sample miv fit free ako free ord car otter New ia Mfg Co 803 Madison st Dept 22 Chicago GA RTS IDE' 3 iuoN RUST SOAP Cl' Iancastor ar 1 JA and the uRIGINaL IllOh RUST wants trade mark print and registered in I' 8 patent office tills moves Iron nut Ink and other unw asha' stains from clothing marble etc like magic 23c tube big profits AfiENTSrto $13iUUy JO'ir i' intralncing latest guaranteed hosiery must ts ear or replaced free no capital or raperrenee re quired just show ramp)' wnte orders liver and collect elegant onltit turmshed all colors grades Including full fashioned MUs Mact' Cheo Mills Co Dpt Ithif Mucin uatl MBX and women earn daily: new cxcluatyo specialty sells on sight no experience or cap Ito I required A fester to 5 So Dearborn Chicago lIAI sold eighteen savers one day saio1 thirty to fifty per cent on gas hill Mirers guarant'ed Arldrom Moore's nirersal Gas Saver lopeka ASSISTANT bookkeeper and stenographer: be accurate at figures and a good ary to start $15 jkw wk Lux lu1 I him DeaDr BOOKKEEPER Oool ary and permanent pbftition for practical woman with general business expvneme ana capable to take charge of office splendid op portiinity for a bright ami pleasant womoii state age experience and expectations Ad dress Box 23351 Hah' Dealer Bl )7KK El i ST i 1 1 A I $75: ca pa bio of charge of small office opprtunitj tor growth slate experience Box 33151 1 lAiti Dealer BOOKK STEOG RATHER IVrinsiwnt position conversational and computation aoil uy Builders and Realtors 11731 Detroit av bTkiKTsKEI'ERSTEN'GGKAHER: $60 state experience Box 33051 Dealer COOK andnrarhousework in small family at raster Ohio college town 5ri trom Cleveland sen ants quartet with Own bath largo enough for 2 can obtain place for an other maid in family in caiae nightewhood who could (x'cupy same quarters hi npiortu nity for 2 irieiids to take these lilac no ob je dlon to colored girls ior lull inionnation and appointment for interview address 354 Bown an st Wooster Ohio COoK Competent white best salary reference required Rhone Gaifleld 494 2211 Barcourt dr White competent must be well recom mendetl pleasant surroundings $18 113ul Wvi'le iterk av White: hate experience and city referonev Box 9256 Plain I teab assistantand 'secretary A neat rotlned hitfllb'eut lady between 2 and 30 years must be svstemattc g'Xxi health: 5 ft 6 In or over In height executive and typewnting ability: Hilary to start Rw month state weight and education Box 15358 lam Dealer Glill why be out of a pualtlon lara beauty culture under the best aystcru Harper 1m proved and become independent all branches taught great reduction tuition Call at Hanson's achool of Beauty Culture 213 Ene Bldg Wuy be cut ot a position I Learn halr dressing under tie best sm'om Harowr im proved and become Indejwndeht by owning your own business: write tor booklet White irons School of Iteautv Culture 226 Erie Bldg GITILS marking In dry cleaning plant experienced proterrvd Imperia! 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Are you willing to convince yourself that you can eam a larger income? One CWJUnd office of this NATIONAL OR GANIZATION (jon office in United States) is evdurivHy a women's office These con tierted have fill niccfMnl busi ness wnmer now fWotirg tlvur entire time in a different and incro hicrativo field Mo do re ony tew women nt a particular typo who have talon and lIi9e in themselves Call at 610 the Rmu Bn Ud Bldg WANTED IMMEDIATELY Woman over 27 collie or normal training praence In wlfar ck an as et: position quires some traveling: salary and opportunity ter promotion to supervtaorv Apply 9 to 1 er by appointment Martin 1HH Swethnd Bl dg iWrUimWM on A woman of neat appterance who can spend a tew hours daily from her hum dutie can cam big raunev no canvassing Mr Rcntner the Bonier Citiea Co 711 Levdcr A BUSINESS woman of education dcairod bv national organization which niter pennanent employment good salary and opportunity for eariv promotion to executive position Mr Eokhoff f'3S Hanna Bldg YoUNg la tu lake full charge of 3 children aces 0 ud 12 must be able to use brains daru etockingij and act natural gxxl home ir right party Call GL5 Prospect av bet 5 anti th St rons ACCOU NTANT A I IT HI SYSTEM ATIZR wll audit open or keep book 3 by day or month Rex 757 Plain Dealer ACCuUN TAN fl ton years experience would start at roa salary spare time work consul eml Itex 279711 Plain Dealer AUO service manager 20 yean auto experience Box 1 te5S Plain Dealer 1 BUTCHER Meager er place of tru citv country Ute exprrence Box 2958 CHAUEIR ymuig married man (white) wants position With private tarn tlrst claM dnvr te uwu repairing drive anv make car work around house with or without wife for light hawk jiu cookiiig: beat ref Box 375S Plain Dah CHAUEUR WHITE Will drive family io California in return for Dn: expert meed on all can Box 12710 Plain Darier CHAUIEl unite go anvwtere xx! 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The Plain Dealer from Cleveland, Ohio (2024)


What happened to the Cleveland Plain dealer in 2013? ›

In August 2013, The Plain Dealer reduced home delivery from seven days a week to four: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It continued to publish an edition seven days a week that is available in electronic form at, and in print at stores, newsracks and newsstands.

Why is Cleveland's newspaper called The Plain Dealer? ›

Its name was probably inspired by a former Jacksonian paper published in New York. Among its early staff members was CHAS. FARRAR BROWNE, who created the character "Artemus Ward." In the years leading up to the CIVIL WAR, the Plain Dealer was the local Democratic organ in a Republican city and region.

Where is the Cleveland Plain Dealer located? ›

Plain Dealer Publishing Co, 4800 Tiedeman Rd, Cleveland, OH - MapQuest.

Does The Plain Dealer still deliver? ›

Expect delivery of your newspaper by 6:00 a.m. on Wednesdays and Fridays, by 7 a.m. on Saturdays and by 8:30 a.m. on Sundays.

Is The Plain Dealer out of business? ›

CLEVELAND — The Plain Dealer as we know it is no more. Last week, 22 journalists were laid off. On Monday, the remaining 14 staff members with a few exceptions were told they could no longer cover Cleveland, Cuyahoga County or the state of Ohio.

Who bought The Plain Dealer building? ›

One of those that submitted a bid was Industrial Commercial Properties/Cleveland Superior, LLC, which now owns the former Plain Dealer building.

Is the Cleveland Plain Dealer still in print? ›

Plain Dealer Publishing Co. provides content and publishes in print seven days a week.

Who owns the Cleveland Plain Dealer? ›

In April, Advance Local—which owns the Plain Dealer as well as, a non-unionized digital news operation—laid off twenty-two Plain Dealer staffers. (Advance positions as a separate media entity, though stories from both newsrooms have always appeared on the same site and print paper.)

What did Cleveland used to be called? ›

Cleveland was founded in 1796, the result of a Connecticut Land Company survey of a 3.3-million-acres on the shores of Lake Erie that it would originally call, “The Western Reserve.” Named after General Moses Cleaveland, the City of Cleveland was incorporated in 1836.

How much is the Sunday Cleveland Plain dealer? ›

The huge majority of people who read The Plain Dealer do so by subscribing, but people who buy the paper on newsstands will see higher prices starting Monday: $5 on Sundays and $3 the rest of the week. It's part of our continuing effort to sustain local journalism for the long term.

What is the largest newspaper in Ohio? ›

Top 10 Ohio Daily Newspapers by Circulation
  1. The Plain Dealer. ...
  2. The Columbus Dispatch. ...
  3. The Cincinnati Enquirer. ...
  4. Dayton Daily News. ...
  5. Akron Beacon Journal. ...
  6. The Repository. ...
  7. 7. News Herald. ...
  8. The Vindicator.

Where do Blue Angels take off from in Cleveland? ›

The 2024 Cleveland National Air Show at Burke Lakefront Airport will be headlined by the return of the U.S. Navy Blue Angels. The air show, as usual, will be held on Labor Day weekend (Aug. 31 and Sept. 1-2) next year.

How much is a Cleveland Plain Dealer subscription? ›

Just $10 a month. You will be charged monthly unless and until you cancel your subscription. You may cancel your subscription at any time by calling 216-999-6000 or by visiting Can I get a subscription with an introductory offer?

How do I contact The Plain Dealer in Cleveland? ›

The Plain Dealer Production and Distribution Center 4800 Tiedeman Road Brooklyn, Ohio 44144 (216) 999-5000 or (800) 362-0727 Hours: 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Can I read The Plain Dealer online? ›

Q: Will I still be able to get daily news items, like obituaries and weather? Q: On which mobile devices does the e-edition work? A: You can access the e-edition through a browser on any device that has an Internet connection–tablet, smartphone, desktop, laptop–making The Plain Dealer easier to access than ever!

What happened to the Cleveland press? ›

Citing the depressed economy and consequent losses in advertising, however, Cole announced the paper's closing on 17 June 1982, and the final edition appeared that afternoon. The former Press plant was demolished to make room for the North Point office complex. View image at Cleveland Memory.

Why did Cleveland decline? ›

Many whites and middle class people continue to leave city life for suburban life. Even some of the closest suburbs such as East Cleveland are being brought down too. Much of the decline of Cleveland has to do with the deindustrialization of the city.

When did Cleveland decline? ›

The Greater Cleveland area's population had more than doubled between 1940 and 1960, but grew only from 2.7 to 3.3 million in the next 20 years--and actually declined by nearly 300,000 between 1970 and 1990.

How often is The Plain Dealer printed? ›

Hundreds of thousands of copies of The Plain Dealer are delivered each week. The goal is to have newspapers to homes, coin-operated boxes and newsstands by 7 a.m. on weekdays, 8 a.m. on Saturdays and 8:30 a.m. on Sundays, come rain or shine, in most cases, before the crack of dawn!

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