Sasha Roiz's Wiki, height, net worth. Is he married, or gay? (2024)

• Sasha Roiz is a 46-year old Caucasian theatre and television actor
• Grew up in Jaffa, Israel and moved to Montreal, Canada at age 7, trilingual in English, French, and Russian
• Started theatre career in Canada, became a successful theatre actor, then was offered many TV and movie roles
• Started with “Largo Winch” in 2001, gained fame with “The Day After Tomorrow” in 2004, and most recently “Grimm” from 2011-2017
• Estimated net worth of $1 million, founder of Grimmster Endowment charity, 6ft 5ins tall with dark green eyes, dark brown hair, and tanned complexion

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Short Info

FactOnscreen he speaks French and Russian in addition to English.

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  • 4 Love life: is he married? Wife, or gay husband?
  • 5 Sasha on Black Claw and “Grimm” in general
  • 6 What is Sasha Roiz’s net worth?
  • 7 A known benefactor
  • 8 Exceptional body measurements
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Who is Sasha Roiz?

Born under the sign of Libra on the 21st of October 1973, in Tel Aviv, Israel, of Jewish beliefs and Russian-Jewish descent, now with Canadian and American nationality, Sasha Roiz is a 46-year old Caucasian theatre and television actor. Roiz draws the majority of his fame from having been featured on television and subsequently across the media sources worldwide numerous times, throughout the 52 film and TV series roles that he’s been seen in to date. He’s enjoyed a multitude of successes over the course of his often lucrative career in the entertainment business since 2001.

Early life: New horizons

Sasha was initially brought up in Jaffa, Israel, by his parents Jacob and Rima Roiz, both of whose professions remain unknown. When he was seven years old, the family moved to Montreal, Canada, where Sasha spent the remainder of his childhood. Growing up, he’s known to have had an insatiable interest in the performing arts, specifically acting in the theatre. In spite of his parents’ knowledge of Hebrew and their new location of residence, they resumed using Russian in the household, so living in the French-speaking part of Canada, Sasha reached adolescence with tri-lingual knowledge of English, French and Russian.

Before finishing elementary school, Sasha also pursued his musical passion, playing in the band called Tricky Woo as the drummer. In terms of education, he proceeded to study theatre at an unknown private arts high school, from where he matriculated in 1991. He then unexpectedly enrolled into a university to study history, but a few years later changed his focus to acting, subsequently leaving Canada to attend and later graduate from the Guildford School of Acting, located in Surrey, England.

Career: Fortuitous circ*mstances

After his return to Montreal, Roiz went full-tilt into theatre, dedicating himself completely to this branch of the profession, without any intentions of starring in the cinema. Sasha was so successful that he was eventually nominated for the Masque Award at Quebec’s Theatre Awards.

This theatre career was in full swing at the time when TV series and movie offers started coming in, in such numbers that he was ultimately convinced to accept.

Sasha’s first screen role was in 2001, as Sergei in the episode entitled “Endgame” of the action crime adventure TV series “Largo Winch”. In 2003 Roiz took on the role of Randall Markham in an episode of “1-800-Missing”, showed-up as Stephen Lyles in six episodes of “Playmakers”, and as Nathaniel in an episode of “Mutant X”. The year 2004 proved to be the springboard to the rest of his career, in which he featured as Parker in the climate change-themed feature film entitled “The Day After Tomorrow”, the first of its kind.

Sasha had 27 more screen appearances up until the end of 2009.

His last 10 years in the business

Roiz started 2010 with the same momentum as earlier, finishing his participation as Sam Adama in the popular sci-fi TV show entitled “Caprica” (started in 2009), meanwhile also appearing in an episode of “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”. He continued through 2011 with another three roles, the most significant of which was as Captain Sean Renard in the horror fantasy drama entitled “Grimm”, appearing in 123 episodes through 2017 – by far his most significant and continuing role yet. In the same year he also portrayed Marcus Diamond in seven episodes of “Warehouse 13”, his eighth appearance there taking place in 2013, preceded by four more roles in 2012, including the portrayal of Tom in the sci-fi drama film called “Extracted”.

Sasha Roiz's Wiki, height, net worth. Is he married, or gay? (6)

After a one-year screen hiatus (with the exception of the aforementioned episode and “Grimm”), Sasha returned in 2014 as Proculus in “Pompeii”, and after “Grimm” finished in 2017, portrayed the character of Monroe Bennett in nine episodes of “Salvation”, starred in an episode of “Taken” in 2018, and in eight episodes of “Suits” and six episodes of “Departure” in 2019.

In the current decade, Sasha’s appeared in three seasons of “9-1-1” as Detective Lou Ransone, and in 2022 three episodes of “The Endgame” and seven episodes of “Chicago Med”, as well as voicing Mr. Kielowski in “Turning Red”

Love life: is he married? Wife, or gay husband?

In regard to Sasha’s romantic involvements, it was often rumored that the actor might be gay, mostly thanks to his on-screen relationship with a man in the TV series “Caprica”. Sasha’s lack of desire to address this assumption helped further the suspicions, but in 2012 it was made obvious that he was at least bisexual, as Roiz started dating British TV presenter and fashion model Asha Leo. Various unconfirmed sources state that despite rumours to the contrary, the pair have in fact been married since 2012; they don’t have children, but a beloved poodle! Apparently the actor loves his canine so much it even has its own Instagram account, under its name Bernie The Poo.

Sasha on Black Claw and “Grimm” in general

In the TV series “Grimm”, Sasha’s character Renard tends to perform various tasks for the character named Black Claw. The fans were intrigued as to the actor’s own take on the character, and how he experienced the show. Interviewed by in May 2016, Sasha explained ‘This is the first thing that has come up as a potential ascension for him, I think he’s one of those poor souls who will never be satisfied and will always be looking for another opportunity.’

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— sasha roiz (@sasharoiz) March 30, 2017

What is Sasha Roiz’s net worth?

Sasha’s wealth is estimated at over $1 million, as of mid-2024, garnered over almost two decades of hard work and persistence in the entertainment industry, much of his net worth coming from his long-term portrayal of Captain Sean Renard in “Grimm”.

A known benefactor

Sasha is known to be the founder of Grimmster Endowment, a charity foundation also supported by other members of the “Grimm” cast, created to aid the OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital patients, assisting them with treatment expenses and raising the overall standard of children’s healthcare provided by the institution.

Roiz is thought to spend considerable portions of his net worth in this manner.

Exceptional body measurements

Sasha actually belongs to the category of the tallest Hollywood actors, thanks to his towering height of 6ft 5ins (193cm). His vital statistics are generally enviable as well, measuring 43 -16i – 33.. Sasha has moderately dark green eyes, dark brown hair, and a mostly tanned complexion.

General Info

Full NameSasha Roiz
EducationGuildford School of Acting


SiblingsElan Roiz


MoviesPompeii, Extracted, Unthinkable, Man of the Year, 16 Blocks, Land of the Dead, Assault on Precinct 13, The Day After Tomorrow, Neighbors
TV ShowsGrimm, Warehouse 13, Caprica, Across the River to Motor City, Show Me Yours

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Sasha Roiz's Wiki, height, net worth. Is he married, or gay? (2024)
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