60 Cookie Recipes from Around the World (2024)

These 60 Cookie Recipes from Around the World are going to rock your world. Everything from soft and chewy, gingerbread to shortbread and everything in between, we have a cookie to satisfy your sweet tooth.

60 Cookie Recipes from Around the World (1)

Why you are going to LOVE these 60 Cookies from around the World

Did you know that you can travel the world from the comfort of your kitchen without ever having to book an expensive plane ticket. Healthy World Cuisine has united with a group of very talented foodie influencers to bring you this delicious round up of cookies from around the world. Be sure to stop by and say hello. Let’s take a short trip to Germany for the Lebkuchen cookie, a soft gingerbread cookie, made with molasses and full of warm spices. Stop off in Italy for a delicious Amaretto cookie that is both a little crunchy and chewy made of almonds and a hint of almond flavoring. These cookies are perfect with an espresso. Next, let’s head to Portugal for a little chocolate Salami. There are just too many choices? What cookies would you like to try? What country would you like to explore? Come with us and try one of each!

Cookies Make Fabulous Gifts

Do you like making cookies for gifts? Do you have visitors around the holiday season? You are in luck as these 60 cookies from around the world make awesome gifts. We love wrapping them up in cute cookie boxes, baggies and tinted Tupperware and include a heartfelt card. There is just something so loving about giving a gift from the heart and baked with love. The humble cookie is the perfect gift for family and friends. This all inclusive list of 60 Cookies From Around the World is certain to please everyone in the crowd.

Santa has hit jackpot cookie heaven

Santa loves diversity! There are many other delightful cookies beyond the chocolate chip cookie. Are you ready to explore 25 countries in pursuit of the perfect cookie? We sure are. The holiday season is a time for spending with family in the kitchen and the kids love to take part in the baking festivities. If you are looking for a safe no bake activity to do with the kids, be sure to try our No Bake Cranberry Bliss balls.

Moderation, not deprivation

80% of the time we strive to eat healthy. Because we are human, the other 20% falls under eating in moderation. Go ahead and eat that cookie. The constant rebound of restricting food and then binging plays havoc on your body. It is much better to have a cookie occasionally, then to deprive yourself, feel sorry for yourself and then just eat the whole darn batch of cookies in one sitting. Take one cookie and savor each bite. Then you are done. If temptation plays a role, give the rest as gifts and store in the freezer out of temptations way.

Gluten-Free, Vegan, Paleo and Dairy Free Cookies too!

We have listed these 60 cookie recipes from around the world in alphabetical order corresponding to country. In addition, we have included dietary information about the recipe to let you know if a cookie is vegan, gluten-free, paleo or dairy free. Healthy World Cuisine has teamed up with a group of very talented foodie influencers to bring to you this delightful list of 60 Cookies from around the World. Be sure to give them a visit and say hello.


60 Cookie Recipes from Around the World (2)

Raspberry Linzer Cookies - Eggless by Sweet and Savory Meals (Egg Free and photo shown above)

Viennese Cookies (Only 5 Ingredients) by Lavender and Macarons

Vanillekipferl – Austrian Vanilla Crescent Cookies Recipe [Egg-less] by Masala Herb (Egg Free)


60 Cookie Recipes from Around the World (3)

Bosnian Butter Cookies (Sape) by The Monday Box (photo shown above)


60 Cookie Recipes from Around the World (4)

Chewy Black Sesame Cookies by Healthy World Cuisine (Gluten-Free)

Sesame Spiral Pie Cookies by Healthy World Cuisine (photo shown above)

Czech Republic

Homemade Czech Linzer Cookies by Mexican Made Meatless


Kahk Cookies by Coffee with Us 3


60 Cookie Recipes from Around the World (5)

Finnish Christmas Cookies Made with Fig Jam (Joulutorttu) by Lavendar and Macarons (photo shown above)


60 Cookie Recipes from Around the World (6)

Easy Petite Fours Recipe by Masala Herb

Cardamom Ginger French Macaroons by Recipes From the Homestead

Ultimate Guide to French Palmiers by International Dessert Blog

Madeleines : The Aristocrat of Cookies by Foodal

Petit Beurre Biscuits with Chocolate by Eat Little Bird (Photo shown above)

Almond Tuile Cookies by Delightful Plate


60 Cookie Recipes from Around the World (7)

German Christmas Cookies : Lebkuchenby Happy Kitchen Rocks

German Amerikaner Cookie Cakesby Foodal

Black and White Cookies by Foodal

Vanillekipferl (German vanilla crescent cookies) by Earth Food and Fire

Gluten Free Pfeffernusse Cookies by Fearless Dining (gluten-free)

German Spritz Cookies by Coffee With Us 3

Vegan lebkuchen (German Spiced Cookies) by Occasionally Eggs (Vegan and Photo Shown above)


Gingerbread Cookie Village by All That's Jas

Hausfreunde with Caramelised Cashews by Lavendar and Macarons


60 Cookie Recipes from Around the World (8)

Mandarin Melomakaronaby Kopiaste ... to Greek Hospitality

Melt in your Moth Kourabiedes byKopiaste ... to Greek Hospitality

Cinnamon Sugar Twist Cookies by The Monday Box (photo shown above)


Lekvar Cookies by Vintage Recipe Project


Icelandic Christmas Meringue Cookies by Veggie Desserts


Cake Rusk by I Knead to Eat


60 Cookie Recipes from Around the World (9)

Classic Italian Amaretti Cookies by The Olive Blogger

Italian Biscotti Cookies with Dried Cherries, Raisins and Pistachios by Foodal (photo shown above)

Flourless Soft Almond Cookies (Pasticcini di Mandorle) by the Monday Box (gluten-free)

Simple Stevia S Cookies by Theresa Reviews

Chocolate Cinnamon Stars(Zimtsterne) by Eat Little Bird

Italian Almond Cookies by An Italian In My Kitchen

Amaretti Italian Macaron Cookies Recipe by The Good Hearted Women

Cranberry Almond Biscotti Cookies by Low Carb Yum (gluten free)

Grain Free Amaretto Cookies by Strength and Sunshine (gluten-free, vegan and paleo)

Grain Free Italian Wedding Snowball Cookies by Strength and Sunshine(gluten-free, vegan and paleo)

Vegan Chocolate Amaretti Cookies by Gathering Dreams

Vegan Chocolate Almond Biscotti by The Cleaver Meal


Ghraybeh (Middle Eastern Shortbread Cookies) by Little Sunny Kitchen

We are only half done with this epic list of 60 Cookie Recipes from Around the World. Which recipe or recipes are your favorite? Please let us know in the comment section below.


60 Cookie Recipes from Around the World (10)

Classic Mexican Wedding Balls by Went Here 8 This (photo shown above)

Netherlands and Belgium

60 Cookie Recipes from Around the World (11)

Speculoos Dutch Windmill Cookies by Up State Ramblings

Danish Brunkager - The Best Christmas cookies by International Dessert Blog (photo shown above)


60 Cookie Recipes from Around the World (12)

Pierniczki Swiąteczne by Recipes From Pantry (photo shown above)


60 Cookie Recipes from Around the World (13)

No Bake Eggless Chocolate Salami by All That's Jas (No eggs and photo shown above)


60 Cookie Recipes from Around the World (14)

Rosettes by That Skinny Chick Can Bake (photo shown above)


Buttery Scottish Shortbread by The Monday Box


60 Cookie Recipes from Around the World (15)

Linzer Cookies with Salted Caramel by Blonde-ish at Kitchen (photo shown above)

Medovníky: Slovak Spiced Honey Cookies by Almost Bananas


60 Cookie Recipes from Around the World (16)

Peanut Butter and Jam Thumbprint Cookies by Sugaretal (photo shown above)


Chocolate Cinnamon Stars (Zimtsterne) by Eat Little Bird

Traditional Linzer Cookies by Money Savvy Living

United Kingdom

60 Cookie Recipes from Around the World (17)

Jammie Dodgers by Veggie Desserts (photo shown above)

United States

60 Cookie Recipes from Around the World (18)

Whoopie Pies in a Cookie You Can Make Tonight by Souly Rested ( recipe originated with the Pennsylvania Amish)

Vegan Chocolate Chunk Cookies with Peppermint by Cotter Crunch (vegan and gluten free)

Grandma Coco's Coconut Macaroons by Huckleberry Life (try adding pecans or dipping in chocolate)

Chocolate Espresso Fig Balls by Healthy World Cuisine (vegan, gluten-free, dairy free, vegan and refined sugar free)

No Bake Cranberry Bliss Balls by Healthy World Cuisine (vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar free) (photo shown above)

We hope that these 60 Cookie Recipes from Around the World Brighten your days!

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60 Cookie Recipes from Around the World (2024)
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