160+ Best Sourdough Starter Name Ideas (2024)

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Have you named your sourdough starter?

I've put together the biggest list of names for your sourdough starter on the internet!

There are over 160 names on the list and it's growing! Seriously, there is so much choice.

I'd love to know what you've called your sourdough starter?

Make sure you leave a comment to let us know what you've decided on!

Sourdough Starter Names

If you're reading this, chances are you've recently created your first sourdough starter. Or perhaps you've been gifted one from a friend?

However you've become a "sourdough parent", chances are you'll want to name your new bubbly best friend! It's a great way to add an element of fun to your sourdough journey.

Plus, you'll be feeding your starter twice a day for a considerable amount of time - you may as well make it fun, right?

If you're looking for easy instructions on how to create a sourdough starter, head here.

I've put together a huge list of sourdough starter names - the biggest list you'll find anywhere! There's sure to be the perfect name for your sourdough starter here.

Maybe you've called your starter something that's not on the list? I'd love to hear it so make sure you comment below.

140+ Sourdough Starter Names - The Biggest List Ever!

Celebrity Sourdough Names

  1. Bread Sheeran
  2. Shannon Dougherty
  3. Bridget Bar-dough
  4. Clint Yeastwood
  5. Carrie Breadshaw
  6. Adam Levain
  7. Avril Levain
  8. Breadney Spears
  9. Sheena Yeaston
  10. Taylor Sift
  11. Ryean Seecrust
  12. Emilio Yeastevez
  13. Doughis Day
  14. Yeast Witherspoon
  15. Emilio Yeastevez
  16. Ringo Starter
  17. Doughy Parton
  18. Dolly Start'n
  19. Ayeasta Franklin
  20. Rise-a Minelli
  21. Breadie White
  22. Ryean Reynolds
  23. Danny Doughvito
  24. Bread Sullivan
  25. Bread Pitt
  26. Bill Murrye
  27. Breadie Mercury
  28. Engelbert Pumpernickel
  29. Olivia Gluten John
  30. Leonardough Di Caprio
  31. Yeastie Boys
  32. Sir Rise A Lot
  33. Angelina Doughli
  34. Winona Ryeder
  35. Dough Pesci
  36. Puff Daddy
  37. Wheatney Houston
  38. Maddoughna
  39. Dough Jay Kaloaf
  40. Post Doughlone
  41. Ryehanna
  42. Bun Jovi
  43. Jennifer Doughpez (J Dough)
  44. Yeast 17
  45. Yeaston Blumenthal
  46. Breadstreet Boys
  47. Elon Crust
  48. Sharon Scone
  49. Jason Doughrulo
  50. Eddy Breader
  51. Bread Zepplin
  52. Marlon Brandough
  53. Bread Paisley
  54. Elon Crust
  55. Doughpra
  56. Crustin Hoffman
  57. Bob Baguette
  58. Joseph Gordon Leaven
  59. Crustin Timberlake
  60. Breadany Murphy
  61. Otis Breading
160+ Best Sourdough Starter Name Ideas (2)

Historical Sourdough Names

  1. Thomas Breadison
  2. Thomas Loaferson
  3. Edgar Allan Dough
  4. Leonardough Da Vinci
  5. Vincent Van Dough
  6. Isaac Gluten
  7. Albert Ryenstein
  8. Alexander Hamilton (Rise Up)
  9. Dough Biden
  10. Sourdough Doughmingo
  11. Herculyeast

Classical Sourdough Names

  1. Florence (it means to flourish or blossom)
  2. Elvis
  3. Patience
  4. Mabel
  5. Hope
  6. Albert
  7. Myrtle
  8. Milton
  9. Ruby
  10. Betty
  11. Blanche
  12. Victoria
  13. Bob
  14. Oscar
  15. Nancy
  16. Boris
  17. Rose (because it rises)
  18. Frannie (like San Francisco)

Corona Sourdough Names

  1. Quarantina
  2. Corona
  3. Rona
  4. Doughvid-19
  5. Covina
  6. Domicron

TV/Movie Character Sourdough Names

  1. Doughy Tribiani
  2. Will Wheaton
  3. Leonard Hoffbreader
  4. Albus Dumbledough
  5. Hermione Grain-ger
  6. Madoughlorean
  7. Sevengrain Snape
  8. Austin Flours
  9. Luke Ryewalker
  10. Doughba Fett
  11. Judge Bread
  12. The Minions
  13. The Child
  14. Ferment the Frog
  15. Frodough Breadins
  16. Captain Jack Sparrough
  17. Optimus Rise
  18. Little Bread Rising Hood
  19. Gremlins
  20. Bread Watch
  21. The GodFlour
  22. Days of Our Loaves
  23. 3CP-Dough
  24. Wicked Witch of the Yeast
  25. Austin Sour
  26. Rye Hard
  27. Frankenstarter
  28. Doughafee (Dorothy)
  29. Bread Flintstone
  30. Cruella Doughville
  31. Breadward Cullen

Play on Words

  1. Doughlene
  2. Weirdough
  3. Fernandough
  4. Theodough
  5. Doughlores
  6. Angedough
  7. Pillsbury Dough Boy
  8. The Yeast of My Worries
  9. Doughbert
  10. Dough Rye Me
  11. Fi-Dough
  12. John Dough
  13. Jane Dough
  14. Eduardough
  15. Romedough
  16. Doughadeer
  17. Zebreadiah

Other Starter Name Ideas

  1. Kneady
  2. Dimples
  3. Bubbles
  4. Puffy
  5. Malferment
  6. Rise One
  7. Sour Pants
  8. Phoenix
  9. Polar (cos it lives in the fridge)
  10. Our Flour Child
  11. Hoochie Mama (because it will produce hooch).

Other Ideas for Naming Your Sourdough Starter

If none of the above take your fancy, there are lots of other ways you could name your sourdough starter. Here are a few ideas:

  • Are you using a certain jar to grow your starter (ie pasta, coffee, salsa etc). Name your starter after what was in the jar originally. For example Tostitos Joe or Napolitana.
  • Name your sourdough starter after your favorite place in the world.
  • Name your sourdough starter after the place you live (can be town, street, locality etc) - since the local yeast is what makes it unique.
  • Name your starter to remember someone special or someone who perhaps gave you your sourdough starter.

Why Name Your Sourdough Starter?

Many people view their sourdough starter as simply a tool for making sourdough bread. But for many sourdough bakers it's so much more - so why shouldn't it have a name?

Your sourdough starter is actually a living collection of yeast and bacteria. It needs regular feeding and maintenance. It's just like having a pet really.

And in fact, many sourdough bakers say their sourdough starter has its own unique personality.

160+ Best Sourdough Starter Name Ideas (3)

This living element is what propels many people to name their scoby (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast). It endears their sourdough starter and creates a familiar culture around the daily ritual of feeding.

Do you have a reason for naming your starter? I'd love to know, make sure you comment below.

I hope this guide to the best sourdough starter names has helped you to name your own sourdough starter. Come and join in the fun in our Facebook Group.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you name a sourdough starter?

Your starter is a unique colony of yeast and bacteria. It's alive and needs regular feeding - just like you! Many sourdough bakers give their sourdough starter a name to differentiate it from other starters. It also brings an element of fun to what can be a tedious and long process.

How do you feed your sourdough starter in the fridge?

You can't store your sourdough starter in the fridge until it's mature. You really need to leave it on the counter and feed it twice a day during the establishment phase. Once it's mature, you can store it in the fridge and feed it more infrequently. You'll find a full guide to storing your starter in the fridge here.

Does older sourdough starter taste better?

A more mature sourdough starter can definitely bring a more diverse flavor profile to a loaf of sourdough. However, a 12 month old starter can bring just as a robust flavor as a 20 year old starter. A starter that is less than 12 months old will not have developed a full bodied flavor. You'll definitely taste the difference between a younger starter and an older one - especially if the younger one isn't mature.

Further Reading

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160+ Best Sourdough Starter Name Ideas (2024)


160+ Best Sourdough Starter Name Ideas? ›

Starter. The preparation of sourdough begins with a pre-ferment (the "starter" or "leaven", also known as the "chief", "chef", "head", "mother" or "sponge"), a fermented mixture of flour and water, containing a colony of microorganisms including wild yeast and lactobacilli.

What is a good name for a sourdough starter? ›

Some of these names for sourdough starter come from the upper crust of society.
  • Attila the Bun.
  • Bread Rogers.
  • Bready Mercury.
  • Doughnato di Niccolò di Betto Bardi.
  • Dwight D. Eisensour.
  • Edgar Allan Dough.
  • Franklin D. Risevelt.
  • Frida Kahdough.

What is sourdough starter real name? ›

Starter. The preparation of sourdough begins with a pre-ferment (the "starter" or "leaven", also known as the "chief", "chef", "head", "mother" or "sponge"), a fermented mixture of flour and water, containing a colony of microorganisms including wild yeast and lactobacilli.

What is the oldest known sourdough starter? ›

The World's 'Oldest' Sourdough Starter Was Made With 4,500-Year-Old Yeast. There's no bread quite like sourdough. In addition to being tasty as a sandwich bread, delicious as sourdough croutons, and even great just toasted with butter, sourdough's production process is decidedly unlike other breads.

What is the different name for sourdough? ›

Sourdough bread is known in almost every country around the world. Each culture has a different name for it. The French call it levain, Italians call it lievito madre or lievito naturale, the Germans call it sauerteig, in Denmark it's called surdej, the Spanish call it masa madre, and the Russians say zakvaska.

What is the Italian name for sourdough starter? ›

In Italy, a sourdough starter is typically called lievito madre or pasta madre, which means “mother dough.” A starter is also sometimes called lievito naturale and pasta acida naturale—all of which refer to a sourdough starter.

Why do people name sourdough? ›

Sourdough bread is called “sourdough” because it is made using a naturally occurring yeast and bacteria culture known as a sourdough starter. The starter is a mixture of flour and water that is left to ferment over time, which allows wild yeast and bacteria to colonize it.

Do sourdough starters get better with age? ›

While the age of your starter won't make your bread any better — turns out, only good sourdough practices can do that — it's a link in the long legacy of sourdough, one of the oldest forms of baking that exists. Whether your starter is a week or a decade old, you can become part of that lineage as well.

What is the mother of the sourdough starter? ›

Mother - this is the overall dough culture that lives in a bowl in your fridge. We take portions from it to make our ferments (Starter) for our sourdough recipes. When the mother culture gets low, we add to it (feed it).

Can you overfeed sourdough starter? ›

Yes, you can overfeed your sourdough starter. Audrey explains: “Every time you add more flour and water, you are depleting the existing population of natural bacteria and yeast.” If you keep adding more and more, eventually you'll dilute the starter so much that you'll just have flour and water.

What is the best flour for sourdough starter? ›

The best flour blend for creating a new sourdough starter is 50% whole-meal flour (whole wheat or whole rye) and 50% bread flour or all-purpose flour. I recommend a 50/50 mix of whole wheat flour and bread flour.

Can sourdough starter last 13 years? ›

Dried sourdough starter lasts indefinitely, and can be brought back to life with water and flour when you're finally ready to bake again.

What is the shelf life of sourdough starter? ›

A mature sourdough starter can last for several weeks kept in a refrigerator without being fed. If your sourdough starter has been in the fridge for a while and you want to give it a refresh, follow the steps below. Discard all but 25 grams and add 100 grams of filtered water and 100 grams of flour.

What's a good name for sourdough starter? ›

The names of sourdough starters are often characteristics of how the starters look, smell, or behave (e.g., “bubbles,” “the blob,” “Frank the farter.”) Other popular categories include names of famous people, or friends (e.g., “Rupert,” “Lilly,” “Mildred”, “Barack”), literary or movie references (e.g., “My Precious,” “ ...

What is another word for sourdough starter? ›

UPDATE: The terms "sourdough starter", "mother", "seed", "leaven", and "levain" (French for leaven) are tossed around and I thought it was worth clarifying my understanding of them. Mother/Seed/Sourdough Starter - These are all the same to me.

What should I name my bread business? ›

What are some creative bread shop name ideas?
  • Oven (Hearty Oven)
  • Ology (Panology)
  • Harvest (Butter Harvest)
  • Pure (Pure Love Breads & Buns)
  • Crumb (The Last Crumb)
  • Bliss (Bliss Bread)

What is the leftover sourdough starter called? ›

What is sourdough discard? As the name implies, sourdough discard refers to a portion of the sourdough starter that is set aside. This step is undertaken prior to feeding – adding fresh flour and water – to regulate its growth and rejuvenate the acidity levels.

Is sourdough starter called mother? ›

Mother dough, also known as pre-ferment or sourdough starter, is the basis of a loaf of bread. What it needs most of all is patience, as you have to 'feed' the microorganisms it contains periodically to keep it alive.

What is extra sourdough starter called? ›

Technically, a levain is an offshoot of your mother starter. It's made by feeding the sourdough discard directly (not the starter that's left in the jar). For example, if you pour some starter into a bowl (discard) and feed it with rye flour, you've just created a levain.

How would you describe a sourdough starter? ›

Composed of fermented flour and water, a sourdough starter is a leavening agent that uses naturally occurring yeasts and bacteria to make baked goods rise.

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